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Date and time of the PMC
10th July 2023 – 08.30-11.30 CEST

Athens PMC will take place only online.

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Athens has focused over the recent years on climate change using the indicator of quality of urban life as a crucial target. The need of a cultural change to understand, support, and fulfil the city’s journey for a better and healthier environment is of utmost importance.

In particular, Athens aims at reducing the level of stationary energy consumption in (municipal and other) buildings targeting actions such as near zero energy buildings, smart grids etc., as well as the reduction of mobility energy consumption. Also, DAEM targets the domains of energy and mobility under the scope of behavioural change, hence solutions to achieve long-term mobilization and behavioural change of citizens in the city’s green policies​.

DAEM, as the IT Company of the City of Athens, supports the development of IT solutions and services for the city and its citizens, hence aims at supporting the CLIMABOROUGH open call solutions as partner of the project consortium.

Solution envisaged
An application (for smartphones and tablet PCs) fostering active citizenship and provoking behavioural change. It should create a dialogue with the city and make citizens actors of environmental protection.
Additional assets for the applications will be data sets creation and relevant data visualizations open for the city as well as for other entrepreneurial initiatives from citizens.
Also added value will bring the aspect of gamification and locality, hence solutions that refer to specific neighbourhoods of Athens.
Solutions are expected to tackle one or more of the domains: energy consumption, alternative mobility, green solutions for the city and citizens, creation of local green communities etc.

Official Documents

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