In June 2023, CLIMABOROUGH initiated its Preliminary Market Consultations in 8 European Cities: Athens (Greece), Cascais (Portugal), Differdange (Luxembourg), Grenoble-Alpes Métropole (France), Ioannina (Greece), Maribor (Slovenia), Sofia (Bulgaria), and Torino (Italy).

Throughout the month of July 2023, each city organized a hybrid event to engage with solution providers, present their challenges, and respond to inquiries. The legal requirements of the innovative partnership mandate that any questions or proposals be addressed during public sessions.

The main objective of the Preliminary Market Consultations in the 8 cities was to invite service providers to submit proposals that could help improve the cities’ challenges before the call tender is published at the end of September 2023.

To facilitate this process, solution providers were asked to submit their proposals using a solution form (available on the respective open call pages) by July 31. These submissions are essential for drafting the tender.

However, considering the summer period and to accommodate potential stakeholders, we have decided to extend the deadline for providing a solution form until August 31, 2023.