Ioannina is the capital and the largest city of Epirus, a north-western region of Greece, with its about 112.000 inhabitants in the whole municipality. Its modest population and its character as a university city with strong environmental elements and rich historical heritage offer potential for a high quality of life. The City’s Municipality, cooperating with the citizens and local stakeholders, aspires that Ioannina will pioneer in the process of neutralizing GHG emissions and climate mitigation, and in the radical transformation of mentality as well, to preserve the right of future generations of Ioannina to enjoy a sustainable city.
Ioannina is a lake city with a small, inhabited island in it, so there is regular transportation within the island and the city, with an important presence of tourists also for short periods.
Ioannina aims to make this lake as green as possible, improving the behaviour of tourists, athletes and citizens and raising awareness of the pollution factors and the problems facing this rare ecosystem ( waste from human activities, agricultural waste, transported materials, etc.). The municipality also aims to collect data on the contribution of waste to the production of  lake’s greenhouse gases and to find a solution through the creation of a co-creation mechanism that will support the cooperation of all local stakeholders.



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