The City of Prijedor is located in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the entity of the Republic of Srpska, on the banks of the river Sana and Gomjenica, and on Kozara mountain slopes. Prijedor became an important commercial and trade centre thanks to Roman roads and navigation of the Sana river, as well as the first railway built-in 1873. Historical buildings and infrastructure from the Ottoman and Austrian-Hungarian periods are a feature of the urban landscape.
Today, Prijedor is a large urban, trade and industrial centre and hosts some of the famous international companies and companies from Bosnia Herzegovina. According to the latest census conducted in 2013, in the area of Prijedor municipality were registered 97.588 inhabitants situated in 71 settlements (organised in 49 local communities), of which about half makes rural population, making it the seventh-largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The vision of Prijedor is comprehensive and determines the city and its inhabitants to move forward in new challenges, building the future of a new, advanced and modern European city. The rich heritage in every sense lays a good foundation for a new concept and commitment to make the city a city of youth, a city of perspective, modern and the highest quality possible solutions for the benefit of all citizens.



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