The goal of this tender is to provide to 8 European cities the services and products corresponding to their needs.

To this end, ANCI Toscana has launched a call for tender using the instrument of the Innovation Partnership and structured in 8 distinct lots, each worth 300.000 euro to be assigned to 2 distinct economic operators.

Since the start of the project, CLIMABOROUGH has worked in collaboration with the cities of Athens, Cascais, Differdange, Grenoble-Alpes, Ioannina, Maribor, Sofia and Torino, to launch a call for tender to ask innovators to propose climate solutions on various fields.

The phase 3 of this process was concluded on May 17, it concerned 31 applications, that were ranked to define the awarded solutions.

The final ranking can be consulted below.

The deployment of the solutions will start in July 2024 with a duration of 12 months.

NEWS about the Call for Tender

The final meeting of the Evaluation Committee to announce the ranking of the CLIMABOROUGH Call for Tender was held on 17th May 2024, 10.30 CEST, in a public session.

To watch the recording or to read the minutes of the meeting, just click on the below buttons. 

Read the challenges and consult the cities events

City of Sofia

Grenoble-Alpes Metropole

City of Torino

DAEM/City of Athens

City of Cascais

City of Ioannina

City of Differdange

City of Maribor

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