Torino, with its about 850.000 inhabitants (2.2 mln in the urban area) is one of the major cities in Italy, well known for its innovation soul, well represented today by the Torino City Lab and CTE NEXT, born to allow testing and scaling of innovative urban solutions of public interest in any domain of the Smart city, with a strong focus on social and environmental sustainability, including food and nature based solutions.

The City of Torino is working on an NBS project in some districts, both vertical and horizontal. In this context, the City intends to build in the district some recycling areas. A transversal reading of these emergencies, in any case, must go hand in hand with the creation of the shared language. An accompaniment of citizens to get closer to the potential inherent in a “greener” relationship with the urban habitat can also serve as a glue between communities and segments of the population that are very distant from each other.

To this end, Torino intends to encourage individuals to adopt a more responsible behaviour and to deploy ad hoc sensor systems, on a broader scale, replacing the current door-to-door waste collection.



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