Katowice is the main city of the Upper Silesian metropolitan area and the 11th-most populous city in Poland (about 285.000 inhabitants), while its urban area is the most populous in the country (about 5.3 million) and one of the most populous in the EU. Katowice City as a Local Public Authority provides services in different areas (e.g. education, culture, health care, building and maintaining roads) for citizens which are based on national and local regulations. Katowice City has great experience with international projects which are organised within various subject matters.
Moreover, since 1st of January 2013 an Energy Management Department exists in Katowice City Hall’s organisational structure, which is responsible for i.e. initiating and participating in preparations for programs, pertaining to energy efficiency improvement including utilisation of renewable energy sources, monitoring of effects obtained as a result of its realisation, and educational and informative activities for local residents. Katowice runs a series of actions relating to realisation of projects, investment and educational tasks in terms of energy efficiency improvement and environmental protection.

Except for the above mentioned international projects, the city realises a series of programs and strategies of the local and provincial level, including:
1. Air Protection Program for Silesian voivodeship,
2. City Development Strategy,
3. Environmental Protection Program for Katowice for 2014-2017,
4. Assumptions to plan the supply of heat, electricity and fuel gas for the city of Katowice,
5. Low-carbon economy plan for the city of Katowice”.




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