The City of Krk, with its 6.200 inhabitants, in its self-governing scope performs tasks of local importance that directly meet the needs of citizens, and which are not assigned by the Constitution or law to state bodies, and tasks that are complementary to project activities are: settlement and housing, space and urbanism, utilities, protection and improvement natural environment and other activities in accordance with special laws.

Islands are on the verge of major changes – the future European Green Plan and the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development 2015-2022 strive to achieve the goal of a climate-neutral Europe through strengthening the economy with green technology, creating a sustainable economy and reducing pollution.

The Green economy is the future of Croatia, which is of great importance for our islands, because sustainable development means economic and social growth in line with the ecosystems in which it operates, and as such is sustainable in the long run. The future of our islands is based on development strategies for the use of renewable energy sources, while at the same time reducing the harmful effects of global climate change.


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