The City of Maribor is the 2nd largest city in Slovenia, with its about 100.000 inhabitants (115.000 in the urban area) and can count on the the 2nd largest University of the country. To better address environmental issues, Maribor has set up a joint municipal administration together with neighbouring municipalities (functional urban areas) namely, Joint Environmental Protection Service (SSVO). In 2018 a new Automated Sorting Plant for municipal solid waste built by a waste utility company owned by the city, opened. This plant has the capacity of sorting 52,000 tonnes of waste per year. In the first year the plant sorted around 26,000 tonnes of MSW in testing mode and in 2021 it is fully operational with full capacities. With the reduction in the amount of landfill, MOM significantly contributed to a decrease in GHG emissions. MOM plans to upgrade the plant capacity. For this, technologically advanced waste management based on the use of information and communication technology, electronic collection, monitoring of quantities using sensors and data processing needs to be upgraded. Processing and analysis serve to monitor mass flows and optimise transport logistics.



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