PREDA - Agencija za Ekonomski Razvoj Grada Prijedora

Development agency “PREDA”

The Agency for Economic Development of the City of Prijedor “PREDA-PD” is one of the leading development organizations in Bosnia. It has been operating since 2003, when the focus of its activities was on local and regional economic development, the development of entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises. Over time, the scope of work was expanded and today the agency is an organization that deals with economic and social development, i.e. environmental protection and energy efficiency.

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Boris Srdić

Boris is engaged in the Development agency of City of Prijedor “PREDA” as a head of the Department for the Environmental protection and his is appointed by the local government as Energy manager of the City of Prijedor. As official Energy Manager of the City of Prijedor he had active role in the actual implementation of local measures and projects dealing with the environmental, energy efficiency and climate change issues. As Energy manager and on behalf of the “PREDA”, he was involved in all major environmental projects and policies of the City, starting with the “Covenant of Mayors” initiative of the EU launched in 2008, for which Prijedor was one of the first signatories in B&H.

Goran Rodić

Goran is engaged in the economic development activities in the Development agency of City of Prijedor “PREDA” and he may be considered as one of “the co-creators” of the Agency. His primary task in the agency is project development and international networking, with the focus on local/regional economic development, entrepreneurship development and competitiveness of SMEs. He actively participated in processes and projects of creation of number of local economic development instruments and policies (cluster development, lifelong learning, support to innovation, etc.). He is one of the cardinal creative minds and visionaries within “PREDA”.

Kristina Topić

Kristina is engaged in the Development agency of City of Prijedor „PREDA“ as project assistant in the different areas of local development, primarily educational sector and now actively in the sector of the environmental protection, energy efficiency and climate change. Her duties are tracking project progress, assisting in budget preparation, monitoring work plan / budget execution and in writing project related reports and other documentation and coordinating with the project managers.

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